Friday, January 13, 2017

The Bottle Hunt

Today we played the bottle game.

I cleaned and sterilized every bottle I tried with my son so that I can try them with my daughter. Because, now that we are trying to wean her, little miss decided she no longer wants to take the bottle she has been taking consistently for weeks. Breastmilk or formula, she does not want the damn bottle. She uses her tongue to push the nipple right out of her mouth.

We introduced the bottle to Maya at 4 weeks old. Once a day, we would give her a bottle of breastmilk so that she would be used to taking a bottle when I returned to work. We were shocked when she took the bottle without a problem from anyone willing to give it to her. But over the last week or two, Maya decided she doesn't want the bottle. Only Mommy will do.

Which makes this weaning process all the more difficult. If we can't get her to take a bottle, then we can't start testing out formulas to see what works for her. Meanwhile, time is running out on my maternity leave and Maya will be starting daycare. All I can picture is Maya screaming for hours on end until I get home from work to feed her.

Having been through this with my son, I know it will eventually work out. But I absolutely despise the process. Maya was supposed to be my 'easy baby.' But really she just waited a little longer to start the drama.

So this weekend will be dedicated to finding a bottle that works for this picky little girl. I can already see myself drowning in various bottles and nipples with ear plugs in to block out the crying. Let the bottle hunt begin!

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